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Fermanagh Socialist Party supports the Postal Workers Strike

Socialist Party member, Domhnall Ó Cobhthaigh, has urged the community the get behind striking postal workers in their "struggle to defend the postal service".
"It is important that we recognise what is at stake. Management is trying to unilaterally impose changes and cutbacks in working practices all with the aim of making the postal service easier to privatise in the future. We have seen what the privatisation of other services has achieved – greater costs and lower levels of service.
"Royal Mail currently carry 99% of all letters but the New Labour Government want to see competition introduced because of their willingness to please investors. However, this will undermine the inherent efficiencies of this single delivery system. Any savings achieved will be at the expense of the working conditions, more job losses, the wages of postal workers and through reductions in the quality of the postal service, especially in rural areas.
"If the postal service is privatised then the community in Fermanagh should be clear that it is services here that will be impacted and cut back. Our low population density means we can't make them sufficient profits to justify anything but the most basic and centralised level of service provision.
"Workers taking strike action are often portrayed in the media as selfish and unreasonable, but people should remember that the staff taking this action are losing their wages for the period they’re on strike and are acting in the common interest. This strike is against the Government and management practices leading the way to future privatisation. We need to support those defending the principle of a publicly-owned postal service which is so vital to ordinary people."