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Solidarity with Rob Williams

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Joe Higgins Debates Jim Power

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Elections: Socialist Party defeats Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein
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Ryan report exposes Church & State child abuse
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Online Publications

After the European Elections...
What way forward for the working class in Northern Ireland?




Sacked Belfast Airport Workers
Defending real trade unionism
A reply to Unite leaders' slanders and lies

By Peter Hadden, 2008

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Northern Ireland:
Towards Division Not Peace
Can the working class unite to build a real peace process?

By Peter Hadden 2002

Read here


The Struggle for Socialism Today
A reply to the politics of the Socialist Workers Party (1999)

Read here


Beyond the Troubles?

Peter Hadden (1994)

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The real ideas of James Connolly

Peter Hadden (2006)

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Troubled Times
The national question in Ireland

Peter Hadden (1995)

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A Healthy Future?

The future of Northern Ireland's health service: a reply to the Hayes Report and the Socialist Alternative

Ciaran Mulholland (2003)

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Empire defeated
Vietnam War: the lessons for today

Peter Taaffe (2003)

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